Momentum - Quality Underwater Watches, a little out of the ordinary


All Momentum watches are supplied packaged in suitable attractive and protective packaging. It is recommended that this is maintained and used for storage of your watch at all times when not in use.

It is absolutely essential that the screw down crown is fully closed before using your watch on or in the water and we recommend that this is checked prior to contact with water. Any warranty whatsoever will be invalidated if this vital procedure is not adhered to, any watches returned under warranty that have suffered from water penetration will be pressure tested to check the effectiveness of the crew down crown.

Professional watch repairers can service our products anywhere in the world, but we strongly recommend that you use our dedicated service centre whenever possible. Our watchmakers and service technicians are specialists in waterproof watches and know our products far better than anyone else. Our service charges are reasonable. Whether you need a replacement battery, original replacement strap or bracelet, or even a major repair, we will handle it promptly and efficiently.

All Momentum watches are guaranteed to be free from any defects in manufacture for an initial period of at least 2 years from the date of purchase, please see manual supplied with your watch for further information. Sending the watch in for a Full Service at the end of 2 years, for a nominal charge, will automatically extend the warranty to 4 years. Another service after 4 years will extend the warranty to a maximum period of 6 years. Our 2/4/6/ warranty is a real warranty, reasonably priced and without any hidden handling charges and exclusions.

For more information about Servicing & Warranties please contact your dealer.